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Information and technical data about carillons and other tower bell instruments, in North America and worldwide.

What is a Carillon?

Carillon bells can be heard throughout North America, in cities, at churches, on school campuses, in public parks, and in many other places where people gather. A carillon consists of a series of at least 23 tuned bells, played from a keyboard that allows expressiveness through variation in touch, and on which the player, or carillonneur, can play a broad range of music—from arrangements of popular and classical music to original compositions created just for the carillon.

The Guild of Carillonneurs in North America is dedicated to promoting the carillon art. It supports the development of proficient carillonneurs and encourages the building of new carillons, the improvement of existing installations, and the composition and distribution of carillon music.

Membership in the GCNA is open to all who are interested in the carillon. The Guild is a member of the World Carillon Federation.

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