Carillonneur Exam

The process for the Carillonneur examination is an annual event. The process requires approximately eight months, starting in October with application and concluding the following summer with the exam recital at the annual congress (usually in June).

2022 Examination Process

Information provided here is for prospective candidates who wish to take the exam with the goal of performing an advancement recital at the 2022 Congress. Requirements are subject to change. All such changes will be identified with revision dates. For more information, contact the Carillonneur Examination Committee Co-Chairs, Margaret Pan and Jeremy Chesman. Email them at

Required pieces for 2022

Performance Note: Candidates who are preparing recordings of “Burlesca” by Ronald Barnes on a carillon without an extended bass range should transpose up one octave 1) the lowest pedal voice in measure 8 (low C, B, A, G), and 2) the low G pedal notes in measures 4, 17 (end of first ending), and 30.

Application Fee

Each applicant must be an Associate member of the GCNA in good standing with dues paid by October 16, 2021. Applicants who are not already Guild members must first apply for membership by completing this online form and paying dues by that date.

To pay the $40 (non-refundable) exam application fee, there are two options:

1) Send a check for $40 US (payable to "The GCNA") along with your Exam Application Form if you are mailing the form in.

2) Pay via PayPal using the button below. For this option, you first e-mail your application to the Carillonneur Examination Committee Co-Chairs at by October 16, 2021. The Co-Chairs will reply via e-mail and assign you a candidate number. Enter this number (not your name) in the space provided below and use the PayPal "Pay Now" button to make your payment. You must make your PayPal payment within two weeks of receiving your candidate number. 

Carillonneur Examination Fee for:
[enter your candidate number NOT YOUR NAME in this box] 

Special Needs

Candidates who have special needs may submit a written request to the GCNA Carillonneur Examination Committee Co-Chairs for special accommodations to be made. Such requests must be made by the October 16 deadline for the respective exam cycle each time a candidate applies for an examination. The President and the Carillonneur Examination Committee Co-Chairs will consider each case individually.

List of Prior Required Exam Pieces

The purpose of the List of Prior Required Exam Pieces is to inform the general Guild membership and prospective candidates alike about carillon music that has been chosen by the Committee as required pieces in past years. The list also reflects the Committee's musical expectation level needed to achieve Carillonneur membership.

2021 Examination Process

The 2021 Examination process is currently underway. The information is archived below for reference purposes only.

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