In September 1934, Remsen B. Ogilby, the president (and carillonneur) of Trinity College, Hartford, Connecticut, invited all carillonneurs from the United States and Canada, as well as others interested in the carillon, to attend a meeting at Trinity College to discuss matters of common interest. About thirty-five people attended, and resolutions were drawn up for a subsequent meeting. This Hartford gathering became known as the First Congress of Carillonneurs in North America.

In September 1936, the Second Congress of Carillonneurs in North America was called at the Houses of Parliament in Ottawa, Canada. At this meeting, The Guild of Carillonneurs in North America was established, with a central organization and a constitution.

In September 1962, The Guild of Carillonneurs in North America was incorporated under the provisions of the Minnesota Non-profit Corporation Act. The bylaws were also adopted at that time. In 1992, for administrative reasons, the state of incorporation was changed; the Guild is now incorporated as a non-profit corporation in, and under the laws of, the state of California.

The GCNA is also recognized as a non-profit organization by the Internal Revenue Service under the provisions of section 501(c)(3) of the tax code.

Past Presidents

2017-2019   Julianne Vanden Wyngaard
2013-2017   Tim Sleep
2010-2013   Dave Johnson
2004-2010   Dennis Curry
2002-2004   Arla Jo Anderton
2000-2002   Gloria Werblow
1996-2000   Jeff Davis
1993-1996   Larry Weinstein
1988-1993   Karel Keldermans
1987-1988   Andrea McCrady
1983-1987   Loyd Lott
1979-1983   William De Turk
1977-1979   Janet Dundore †
1975-1977   Robert Lodine †
1973-1975   Frank P. Law †
1971-1973   Milford H. Myhre
1969-1971   James B. Slater †
1966-1969   Theophil Rusterholz †
1965-1966   Ira Schroeder †
1962-1965   Ronald M. Barnes
1960-1962   Frederick L. Marriott †
1958-1960   Melvin C. Corbett †
1956-1958   Sidney Giles †
1954-1956   E. Boyd Jordan †
1952-1954   Harvey Spencer †
1950-1952   Robert Donnell †
1949-1950   Ray W. Wingate †
1947-1949   Percival Price †
1939-1947   Kamiel Lefevere †
1936-1939   Edward B. Gammons †

  † deceased

Honorary Members

Honorary members are those persons whom the Guild wishes to honor because they have made a significant contribution to the carillon art. Honorary membership is permanent, and may be in addition to some other pre-existing category of membership.

William De Turk

Sally Slade Warner (1932-2009), Carillonneur member 1980-2009

The following honorary members died prior to 1990:
Charles K. Arter, Arthur Baxter, Olive Langton Beddoe, Nellie Lee Bok, Bertram H. Borden, Jerry H. Chambers, Florence S. Marcy Crofut, Mrs. Henry W. DeForest, Dr. C. W. Drury, Dr. Chris Engels, Morris I. Evinger, Roy Fruehauf, W. Dudley Gale III, Frank Cecil Godfrey, Katherine Northcott Graves, Charlotte Nichols Greene, Thomas Hogan Jr., William Verne Joy, Otto Kaap, C. Ellison Kaumeyer, Raymond A. Keldermans, Margaret Stanton Kirshman, Dr. Kamiel Lefévere, Charles J. Livingwood, Sir Ernest MacMillan, Sonia S. Maguire, Frederick C. Mayer, Dr. Carl McFarland, Hon. C. B. McQueston, Dr. Earl V. Moore, Mrs. Horace V. Moses, Staf Nees, Grace Miller Niederlander, Lester A. Nordan, Maj. H. M. Nornabell, Mrs. Clarence E. Pigford, Prof. F. Percival Price, Luther Richman, Dr. Luther Richmond, H. Beale and Mary E. Rollins, William J. Rushton, Parker David Sanders, Very Rev. Francis B. Sayre Jr., Henry P. Schneider, Buford Scott, Edgar W. Stanton, Floyd B. Taylor, Walter F. Tilton.

Other Notable Members

Émilien Allard (1915-1977)
William Gorham Rice (1856-1945), Honorary President
Wendell Westcott (1911-2010)

From the Archives

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