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Honor Roll

Part of our work to promote the carillon in North America is to honor the people and organizations that make an outstanding contribution to our efforts. We've recognized donors and benefactors of carillons; carillon teachers, composers, and virtuosos; scholars of the carillon; and everyone in between. We're proud to showcase our honored members.

Honorary membership

Charles K. Arter †
William H. Barger †
Ronald M. Barnes †
Arthur Baxter †
Olive Langton Beddoe †
William D. Biggs
Nellie Lee Bok †
Bertram H. Borden †
Beverly B. Buchanan †
Keith and Joan Bunnel †
Lee A. Carter
Jerry † and Evelyn Hemmings † Chambers
Marilyn Clark †
Jane Bancroft Cook †
John Courter †
Wylie Crawford
Florence S. Marcy Crofut †
Mary Mesquita Dahlmer †
Julia Noyes DeForest †
Emilie de Hellebranth †
William De Turk
Allan R. Dragone †
Dr. Charles W. Drury †
Janet S. Dundore †
Hugh and Nancy Elliott
Dr. Christian Engels †
Morris I. Evinger †
Charles W. L. † and Margaret H. † Foreman
Roy Fruehauf †
W. Dudley Gale III †
Richard Gegner
Kenneth M. Gettelman †
Lucille Freeman Glasscock †
Frank Cecil Godfrey †
William T. and Kathryn M. † Gossett
The Most Rev. T. J. Grady †
Katherine Northcott Graves †
Charlotte Nichols Greene †
William H. Greer Jr.
George Gregory

Jo Haazen
Margo Halsted †
Leen 't Hart †
Thomas Hogan Jr. †
Arthur A. Houghton Jr. †
Frank M. Hubbard †
David Hunsberger
Jean Butz James †
The Rev. John H. Johnson †
Roy Hamlin Johnson †
William Verne Joy †
Otto Kaap †
C. Ellison Kaumeyer †
Raymond A. Keldermans †
Margaret Stanton Kirshman †
Peter Langberg
Jacques Lannoy †
William D. Lawson III †
Dr. Kamiel Lefévere †
Charles J. Livingood †
Ann Lurie
Jacques Maassen †
Sir Ernest MacMillan †
Sonia S. Maguire †
Dr. Joseph Marsh †
Frederick C. Mayer †
Dr. Carl McFarland †
Drayton McLane Jr.
Elizabeth Wallace McLean †
John Talmadge McMillan †
The Hon. Thomas B. McQuesten †
Kenneth and Jane † Meyer
John S. Middleton
Dr. Earl V. Moore †
Alice Elliot Moses †
Milford H. Myhre
Staf Nees †
Grace Miller Niederlander †
Lester A. Nordan †
Pearl Neugent Nordan †

Maj. Harry M. Nornabell †
Arthur H. Pickford Jr. †
Sally Pigford †
Albert D. Pittis
Bertram H. Pittis †
Walter F. Pittis †
Rufus Porter †
The Presser Foundation
F. Percival Price †
Charles V. Rainwater III †
William Gorham Rice Jr. †
H. Beale † and Mary † Rollins
William J. Rushton II †
Theophil Rusterholz †
Parker David Sanders †
Shirley Wallace Sarver †
The Very Rev. Francis B. Sayre Jr. †
Henry P. Schneider †
Ira Schroeder †
Buford Scott †
Chuck Seidel †
Hamer and Phyllis † Shafer
James "Bud" Slater †
Larry † and Kathryn Smith
Edgar W. Stanton †
Stanley Daniel Stearns Jr.
Larry Stephens
Floyd B. Taylor †
Walter F. Tilton †
Piet van den Broek †
Gary K. Walker
Richard † and Mary Ann Wallace
Sally Slade Warner †
Alicia Porter Washam †
Carl M. Williams

Honorary President
William Gorham Rice †

† deceased (as of 2023)

Honorary presidency

Headshot of a white man with short, brown hair; wearing a suit, tie and glasses; sitting down and looking at the cameraThe Office of the Honorary President was established at our founding in 1936, and William Gorham Rice (1856–1945) was immediately appointed to the position. A civil servant from New York, Rice was one of the most important North Americans to have ever loved the carillon. One of the first-ever carillon scholars, he wrote 3 books, gave 35 lectures in several cities, published articles in magazines, spoke on radio programs, and presented exhibition material on the subject throughout the 1910s and 1920s. He was instrumental in installing a carillon at the city hall of Albany, New York, and helped establish the Royal Carillon School "Jef Denyn" in Mechelen, Belgium. Following his death in 1945, our leadership chose to leave the office vacant "for the present."

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