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Some North American carillon performers teach others to play the instrument, most often by private lessons, but sometimes in an academic institution class. Students of the carillon typically have had previous study in applied music. It is important, for example, to have learned to play another keyboard instrument such as the piano or organ, and to have skill in reading music in both the treble and bass clefs. Most teachers will ask a potential student to perform on the piano for a carillon study audition.

Practice is also essential in learning to play the carillon. Carillon students can practice without disturbing the public by playing on a practice keyboard that sounds pitches, either with tuned bars or by an electronic sound system, rather than on bells that can be heard outdoors. A carillon practice keyboard is not available at every carillon installation. Finding a carillon location that also has a practice keyboard is important for the beginning student.

The Guild offers two levels of examinations to evaluate carillonneur proficiency: the Associate Carillonneur Exam and the Carillonneur Exam.

The following is a list of North American performers who offer carillon instruction. Those locations offering credit, a major or certifications are so identified. All carillon educators listed here are Guild members. Associate members are identified by (A), while Carillonneur members are identified by (C).




  • University of Florida, Gainesville
    Laura Ellis (C), Associate Professor and University Carillonneur
    Instruction for credit
    Carillon may be declared as one’s primary performance instrument for a major in music or for a minor in music


  • North American Carillon School (NACS)
    Carlo van Ulft, Director
    Contact Carlo to obtain contact information for the following carillon school instructors:
    Robin Austin, Springfield, IL
    Lee Cobb, Clearwater, FL
    Frank DellaPenna, roaming the USA
    Ellen Dickinson, New England
    George Gregory, San Antonio, TX
    Carol Jickling Lens, Denver, CO
    Lisa Lonie, Philadelphia, PA
    Andrea McCrady, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
    Tim Sleep, Naperville, IL
    Larry Weinstein, Dayton, OH
  • Principia College, Elsah
    Carlo van Ulft, Carillonist and adjunct faculty
    Instruction for credit




  • Michigan State University, East Lansing
    Ray McLellan (C), University Carillonneur
    Instruction through Community Arts School or for credit
  • Oakland University, Rochester
    Dennis Curry (C), University Carillonneur
    Instruction for credit, or through Music Preparatory community outreach
  • University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
    Tiffany Ng (C), Assistant Professor of Carillon and University Carillonist
    Instruction for credit; Master of Music degree in Carillon


  • Missouri State University, Springfield
    Jeremy Chesman (C) Associate Professor and University Carillonist
    Instruction for credit
    B.M., Carillon Performance; Master of Music degree in Carillon Performance and Carillon Pedagogy

New Jersey

Ontario, Canada


South Carolina

  • Clemson University, Clemson
    Linda Dzuris (C), Professor of Music and University Carillonneur
    Instruction for credit; Bachelor of Arts degree in Performing Arts with a Carillon concentration.


  • Baylor University, Waco
    Lynnette Geary (C), University Carillonneur
    Instruction for credit


  • Brigham Young University, Provo
    Don Cook (C), Associate Professor and University Carillonneur
    Instruction for credit; two assistantships available

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