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Carillonneur Examination - revised 2020 process

19 Apr 2020 10:00 PM | GCNA President (Administrator)

[19 April 2020]

Once the decision was made to cancel congress, the board sought the advice of the exam committee and its input on a number of different potential options for revising the exam process. The exam chair also obtained information from candidates who passed the recording stage about their individual circumstances. After considering all of the different factors, the board unanimously approved the following adjustments to the process so that the candidates who passed the recording stage (i.e. those who received the approval of at least four out of five jurors) can complete the Carillonneur Examination process this year:

The recordings submitted by the candidates in January constitute their examination recitals.

Candidates wishing to continue with the revised process provide their consent by May 15 for the GCNA to distribute their recordings to voting members (Carillonneur Members and Honorary Members who are former Carillonneur Members) for adjudication purposes.

The recordings of participating candidates are uploaded to the GCNA’s Dropbox account, on a listen-only (not-downloadable) basis. Only the recordings for which the GCNA has permission from publishers/composers to distribute for adjudication purposes are uploaded and distributed.

By June 1, voting members receive Dropbox links so they can listen to the recordings online.

Voters receive voting information via email from Simply Voting Inc (a web based online voting system). They cast their vote to advance (or not) each candidate, by electronic voting. 

Carillonneur Members are given 30 days to vote (until July 1). The Board ratifies the results at its July meeting, then the candidates and the membership are notified.

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