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Election of Directors - revised 2020 process

19 Apr 2020 10:00 PM | GCNA President (Administrator)

[19 April 2020]

In light of the cancellation of congress, the board of directors approved adjustments to the process so that the 2020 election of directors can take place.

1. The Corresponding Secretary mails out ballots before May 1 as usual, with an explanation of the revised election procedures, a link to the Bylaws, as well as a link to a webpage (https://www.gcna.org/2020-updates) where all further updates concerning the election procedures, and the election results, will be posted. In the same mailing, he includes an official notice that there will be no congress this year. 

2. The only method of voting is ballots by mail. Ballots must be received by the Corresponding Secretary on or before June 25 to be counted.

3. At a board meeting to be held before June 30, the Board must, in consultation with the Corresponding Secretary:

  • fix a date as Counting Day;
  • appoint the Corresponding Secretary and two other named individuals (GCNA members if possible) as the tellers;
  • fix a date for another board meeting to ratify the results;
  • fix a date (no later than August 31) for the end of the terms of the Class of 2020 directors.

These board decisions are posted on the webpage before Counting Day.

4. On Counting Day, the tellers check the names on the outer envelopes against the current roster as of that day to remove the ballots of lapsed members. If there are any questions concerning eligibility, the tellers may consult with David Hunsberger (the Guild's Attorney) and with Wesley Arai (the Guild’s Treasurer), and report this in the tellers' report.

5. The tellers count the ballots. The tellers record the results and each teller signs the tellers' report. Any irregularities are described in the tellers’ report. The Corresponding Secretary keeps the ballots until the 2021 annual meeting in an envelope sealed in the presence of all the tellers.

6. The Corresponding Secretary sends the tellers' report to the Board. The report is confidential until the Board ratifies the results.

7. The Board meets to ratify the results.

8. The terms of the newly elected directors begin when the terms of the Class of 2020 directors end, and end at the adjournment of the 2023 annual meeting.

9. Should there be a tie involving third place and one or more lower places, the candidate(s) with the greater number of votes are elected. The remaining seat(s) may be filled by the Board, with the term of any such director(s) ending at the adjournment of the 2021 annual meeting. The number of directors to be elected in the 2021 election of directors is increased as necessary to return the Board to the full complement of nine directors. The top three elected in that election will fill three-year terms, and the remaining will fill two-year term(s).

10. The names of those elected are posted on the webpage, and the tellers' report and the Board's decisions are reported in the minutes. Any irregularities are reported to the membership.

11. The Board by motion may adopt further revisions to the process if necessary.

12. At the same meeting when the Board ratifies the election results, or another meeting held on or before August 31, the Board elects officers for 2020-2021.

13. A resolution is moved at the 2021 annual general meeting to ratify this adapted process.

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