Tower Directories

Two forms of tower directory enable finding carillons and other tower bell instruments. Each has its own advantages.

  • The Guild publishes a directory for North America in both printed and downloadable editions, which are convenient for offline use.
  • Two other sources provide online directories for the world, which are updated regularly as new information becomes available.

Downloadable directory

A directory (9.2 MB) provides brief information about each of the North American carillons as follows:

  • Part I: Carillons (traditional), by state/province and city, with location and a short description.
  • Part II: Cast bell instruments with electric keyboards (non-traditional carillons), similarly organized and identified.

This edition differs from the printed edition in two significant respects. First, Part I includes photos of some of the towers. Although these appear to be small, they are in high resolution, and thus can be zoomed to a large size without losing detail. Second, the email addresses and Web URLs that appear in some entries are active links (in those PDF readers which support such links). Thus they can be clicked to initiate email messages or to open Web pages.

Online directories

The WCF Website (in three languages) has a worldwide list of carillons (traditional action only), organized by region, country and city. For each instrument, it gives the number of bells and the names of the appointed players. Some entries also include one or more of the following: a Weblink for the instrument, its name, a Weblink for the player, or an email link for the player.

Information and maps are located at Tower Bells.