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The Guild publishes a semi-annual newsletter, Carillon News. See Newsletters for more information.


GCNA Bulletin cover The Bulletin contains scholarly articles, including formal reports of each annual Congress. It is generally published annually, though the schedule has varied somewhat in the past.

Back issues of the Bulletin can be purchased from the Archivist. GCNA members can also download recent issues, starting with Vol. 56, 2007, from the For Members section.

Please read the author guidelines before submitting materials for publication.

Vol. 63, No. 2, 2014 - Contents

Honorary Members

Group Photographs of Attendees at the 72nd GCNA Congress

The 2014 GCNA Congress, Denver, Colorado, U.S.A., by Jeremy Chesman

World Carillon Federation Congress 2014: Mobile Carillons, by John Widmann

Fifty Years Going Forward: The Golden Anniversary of the Kibbey Carillon at
Washington National Cathedral, by Edward Nassor

Teaching the Tremolando Technique, by Jeremy Chesman

A History of Carillon Education, by Jo Haazen

Todd Fair - A Remembrance, by Margo Halsted

The Editor's Pages, by John Bordley

Vol. 63, No. 1, 2014 - Contents

Carillonneurs at Work: A Guided Tour through Pictures New and Old, by Luc Rombouts

The Peripatetic Carillonneur, by Adrian Gebreuers

John Cage, Carillon, and Plywood, by Linda Dzuris

Carillonist, not Carillonneur, by Ronald Barnes

The Editor's Pages, by John Bordley

Vol. 62, 2013 - Contents

Honorary Members

Group Photographs of Attendees at the 71st GCNA Congress

The 2013 GCNA Congress, St. Paul, Minnesota, by James Fackenthal

The Bells of the University of Michigan, by Steven Ball

Beverly Buchanan Interview, by John Gouwens

The Vema System, by Marc Van Eyck

Interview with Peter Paul Olejar, by Marie Hammond

The Editor's Pages, by John Bordley

Vol. 61, 2012 - Contents

Honorary Members

Group Photographs of Attendees at the 70th GCNA Congress

The 2012 GCNA Congress, Clemson, South Carolina by Caroline Poon

Cast in Bronze, by Frank DellaPenna

An American in Leuven: Arthur Bigelow's Years in Belgium by Luc Rombouts

The Editor's Pages, by John Bordley

Volumes of the Bulletin, by John Bordley

Letter to the Editor, by Steven Ball

Vol. 60, 2011 - Contents

Honorary Members

Group Photographs at the Combined 69th GCNA and 17th World Carillon Federation Congresses

The 2011 GCNA and WCF Congresses, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, by Tiffany Ng

Foundation of the Guild of Carillonneurs in North America, by Daphne Price McCree

John Meikle’s Music Bells: The Story of Britain’s First Carillon, by Peter Rivet

An Englishman Hears a Carillon, by George Williams

A History of the van Bergen Bellfounders, by Harmannus (Harry) Hero van Bergen

The Editor's Pages, by John Bordley

Vol. 59, 2010 - Contents

Honorary Members

Group Photographs of Attendees at the 68th GCNA Congress

The 2010 GCNA Congress, Naperville, Illinois, by Jeremy Chesman

Corrections and Comments

The Renovation of the Rockefeller Carillon, by Wylie Crawford

Guidelines for Submitting Proposed Articles for the Bulletin

An Interview with Milford Myhre (January 2011), by John Gouwens

LaSalle Spier, by Elizabeth Vitu

The Editor's Pages, by John Bordley

Vol. 58, 2009 - Contents

Honorary Members

Group Photographs of Attendees at the 66th GCNA Congress

The 2008 GCNA Congress, The University of California at Berkeley, Berkeley, California,
by Elizabeth Berghout

The 2009 GCNA Congress, Longwood Gardens, Kennett Square, Pennsylvania,
by Julia Littleton

Group Photographs of Attendees at the 67th GCNA Congress

Teaching the Preludes of Matthias van den Gheyn, by Jeremy Chesman

The History of America's Original Traveling Carillon, by Charis Lasky

The Editor's Pages, by John Bordley

Vol. 57, 2008 - Contents

Honorary Members

Group Photographs of Attendees at the 65th Congress

The 2007 GCNA Congress, The University of the South, Sewanee, Tennessee, by Julia Littleton

The 2008 WCF Congress, Groningen, The Netherlands, by Margo Halsted

Group Photograph of Attendees at the 2008 WCF Congress

Correction to: The Carillon at Metropolitan United Church, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
(Volume 56, page 32), by James B. Slater

Down from the Mountain: Ronald Barnes and his Preludes on Appalachian White Spirituals,
by Stephen Miller

The Editor's Pages, by John Bordley

Vol. 56, 2007 - Contents

Honorary Members

The 2006 GCNA Congress, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut, by Linda Dzuris

The 2006 WCF Congress, Gdansk, Poland, by Jeremy Chesman

The Bells of Clemson, by Linda Dzuris

The Commonwealth of Bells, by Skip Eisiminger

The Carillon at Metropolitan United Church, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, by James B. Slater

The Editor's Pages, by John Bordley

Vol. 55, 2006 - Contents

Honorary Members

The 2004 GCNA Congress, Culver, Indiana, by Dave Johnson

The Foreman Carillon, Simsbury United Methodist Church, by Ellen Dickinson

The 2004 WCF Congress in Oslo, Norway, by Jeremy Chesman

Geoffrey Cook: A Composer Spotlight, by Linda Dzuris

Teaching Carillon Pedagogy: A Case Study, by Jeremy Chesman

The 2005 GCNA Congress, Grand Rapids, Michigan, by Dave Johnson

James B. Angell (1924-2006), by Margo Halsted

Vol. 54, 2005 - Contents

Honorary Members

The musical and technical aspects of swinging bells and carillons by Dr. André Lehr, trans. Kimberly Schafer

Vol. 53, 2004 - Contents

Honorary Members

The 2002 GCNA Congress, Ann Arbor, Michigan, by Dave Johnson

Banquet Remarks from the 2002 GCNA Congress, by Dave Johnson

The Design and Construction of a Carillon Practice Clavier, by Patrick Macoska

Interview with John Pozdro, by John Gouwens

Interview with Roy Hamlin Johnson, by John Gouwens

An Analysis of Roy Hamlin Johnson's "Summer Fanfares", by Lara Walter West

The 2003 GCNA Congress in Berea, Kentucky, by Dave Johnson

Vol. 52, 2003 - Contents

A Register of Honorary Members, 1936-1996, by James B. Slater

First Bulletin, October 1940 - Contents

Map showing location of carillons in North America

The carillon in North America (article, anonymous)

List of carillons in North America

Carillonneurs in North America (article, anonymous)

Extract from the report of the Second Congress of Carillonneurs [Aims and Objects of the Guild]

List of members of the Guild of Carillonneurs

The Guild President's War-time Appeal [by Kamiel Lefévere]

A Tribute to the late Prower Symons, by Percival Price

An official statement on the misuse of the word "carillon"

Broadcasting the carillon, by Sidney Giles

Concerning carillon records, by Robert Kleinschmidt

List of music published for carillon


The Guild publishes a variety of music for carillon, as well as various music-related materials. See Music for more information.


The Guild has adopted a Keyboard Standard for North American carillons. It has also published Resources for Tower Design and Construction. See Tower Design/Standards for more information.

Carillon Directory

A printed Directory of Carillons in North America can be obtained from the Carillon Directory Committee. A downloadable version is also available.


The Guild maintains this Website for the benefit of present and prospective members as well as the general public.

History of this Website - Norman Bliss presented a pilot version of a proposed GCNA Website to the 1996 GCNA Congress. After the Guild approved Norman's concept and general design, Wylie Crawford contracted for Web hosting services, and in December 1996 Norman installed the initial version of the Website for public access. Shortly thereafter, Carl Zimmerman added the initial version of what was then the Data segment of this Website. These three people continued to be responsible for their respective areas, and formed the core of the Guild's Internet Committee during the succeeding years. From time to time, other Guild members provided assistance with subject matter.

At the 2006 Congress, Norman expressed a desire to step down as Webmaster, and it was also decided that a new design for the Website would be useful. Norman continued to serve as interim Webmaster until the 2007 Congress, when Carl Zimmerman was appointed to carry on as interim Webmaster for the top-level section of the Website until the new design became available. Subsequent changes to this section were primarily for routine maintenance of the material presented to visitors.

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