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Keep in touch with current events in the carillon world by subscribing to a mail list.

The Carillon/GCNA List

This mail list is open to the public for announcement and discussion of any carillon-related matters. It is maintained by Ryan Pierce at the University of Chicago. To subscribe to this list, use the List info page there. Once you have subscribed, you can use the same Website to view the archives of the List and to post messages. Any message which you post will will be forwarded to all current subscribers to the List, and you will receive a copy of all messages posted by other subscribers.

As a subscriber, you can also post messages by emailing to Note that if you have more than one email address, you must post from the address which you used when you subscribed.

The GCNA-Members List

This is a private list, which is only open to members of the Guild. It is used to announce and discuss Guild-specific matters.

To contact us, email:

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