Hymn Tune Settings

New releases (2015 and 2016) are highlighted in red.

Tune, Title or Composer Arr. by Cat. No. Range Price
American (traditional)
See below under "Southern Harmony"; also in Original Compositions under "Gefvert, Douglas"; also in Folk Tune Settings under “Chapman, Charles.”
Shalom Chavarim
Tebbel 2009-A1 4 $2.00
Barnby, Joseph (1838-1896)
Now the Day is Over
Dundore 2009-A4 4 $2.00
Burt, Alfred (1920–1954)
Caroling, Caroling (Christmas)
Lens 2015-A3 3.5{+a} $2.00
Fantasy on Old Hundredth and Sine nomine Gouwens 2016-C2 4 $4.00
Fantasy on Sunday School Hymns Gouwens 2005-H2 3 $4.00
Five Hymn Arrangements
Beecher; Olivet; Sicilian Mariners; Ton-y-Botel; Webb
Rusterholz 08-H10 4 $10.00
Forest Green
(Traditional English)
Gefvert 2008-A2 3+d $2.00
Hymn Collection, I (10 settings)
Greenland; He Leadeth me; Kirken;
Lauda Anima; Leoni; Ora labora; Purpose;
St. Elisabeth; St. Gertrude; St. Thomas
Various HC-1 4 $15.00
Hymn Settings, Set 1
Aus der Tiefe rufe ich; Caithness;
Nun komm der Heiden Heiland (in Bb, C)
Cook 92-H4 3.5, 4(Bb) $7.00
Hymn Settings, Set 2
Passion Chorale; Finlandia; Morning Song
Cook 93-H1 3.5, 4 $8.00
Hymn Settings, Set 3
Rendez a Dieu; Canticum refectionis; Detroit; Slane; Love Unknown; O filii et filiae
Warner 95-H1 4 $10.00
Il est né le Divin Enfant
(French, Christmas) (2 keys)
Allard 91-F8 3/3.5 $5.00
I Saw Three Ships
(English, Christmas) from a piano setting by Jon Schmidt (born 1966)
Lonie 2011-A2 4(Eb) $5.00
Lindeman, Ludvig (1812-1887)
(See in Original Compositions under Laage: "Built on a Rock".)
Liturgical Year
(See listing in Special Collections)
Moore, William (1825)
(See Steven Rush, Sonata: Variations on "Holy Manna" in Original Compositions.
Murray, James (1841-1905)
Away in a Manger
Cobb 2009-A13 4 $2.00
Silence le ciel
(French-Canadian, Christmas)
Allard 91-F10 4 $3.00
Six Hymns for Two Octave Carillon
Canonbury; Eucharistic Hymn; Llanfair; Llangloffan; Lux Benigna; Veni Emmanuel
Various HC-2 2 $4.00
Southern Harmony
(Medley) Pisgah; Wondrous Love;
Amazing Grace
Dickinson 2007-A4 3.5{+b} $4.00
Sullivan, Sir Arthur (1842-1900)
Onward, Christian Soldiers
Dundore 2009-A14 3.5(A#) $4.00
Three Hymn Settings
Heavenly Armour; Drop, Drop Slow Tears; Idumea
Olejar, Peter Paul 04-H1 3, 4 $9.00
Three Preludes on Advent Carols, Op. 28
(See in Original Compositions)
Three Christmas Carol Settings
Avec les saints anges (French); Venez pasteurs; Noël canadien (French Canadian)
Allard 2005-H1 4 $9.00
Two Hymn Arrangements
Coronation; Ein' feste Burg
Gerken 08-H9 4 $5.00
Two Hymn Arrangements
Cranham; Jerusalem
Warner 2010-A2 3{A},3.5 $4.00
(See "O Light Most Blessed" and "Suite No.3 (Irish)" in Original Compositions.)
(See "Te Deum Laudamus"
in Original Compositions, and
"A Carillon Book for the Liturgical Year" in Special Collections.)
(See the first three selections
under Myhre in Original Compositions.)
(See "The Most Beloved Jesus"
in Original Compositions.)
(See "Westcott Collection I" in Special Collections.)