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New releases (2015 and 2016) are highlighted in red.

Region of Origin Arr. by Cat. No. Range Price
Land of the Silver Birch Manouchehri 2015-A1 4{Eb} $2.00
Four English Folk Songs
Henry Martin; Blow Away the Morning Dew; There Were Three Ravens;
The Jolly Miller of the Dee
Barnes 01-F3 3.5 $6.00
Auprez de ma blonde Myhre 09-F8 4 $2.00
Nous n'irons plus au bois Barnes 09-F9 3.5 $2.00
French Canadian
Commentaires No. 1 (Papillon tu es volage) Allard 87-C1 3.5 $3.00
Commentaires folkloriques
A la claire fontaine; J'ai cueilli la belle rose;
Mon merle; Vive la canadien
Allard 91-F9 4{Bb}, 4 $5.00
J'entends le moulin Allard 87-C3 3 $3.00
O, toi belle hirondelle Allard 06-F8 4 $3.00
Il est né le Divin Enfant (2 keys) (Christmas) Allard 91-F8 3/3.5 $5.00
Silence le ciel (Christmas) Allard 91-F10 4 $3.00
Fisher's Hornpipe Price P-F9 2 $2.00
Ancient Irish Airs Giszczak 2013-A2
Señor Don Gato Cobb 2007-A3 4(Bb) $3.00
Folk Songs from the British Isles
The Bells of Aberdovey (Welsh); Ye Banks and Braes (Scottish); Londonderry Air (Irish)
Warner 95-F1 3,4 $7.00
Three Folk Songs
I Walk in a Thousand Thoughts (Swedish); The Peddler (Russian); The Little Red Lark (Irish)
Westcott 08-F7 4 $8.00
North American
The Bells of Hell (Salvationist Hymn) Rusterholz 91-F7 3 $3.00
Five Folk Songs
Poor Wayfaring Stranger; Go Way from My Window; All the Pretty Little Horses; Shenandoah; The Wonderful Crocodile
Myhre 04-F9 3,4 $8.00
Three Arrangements
Promised Land, Poor Wayfaring Stranger, Samanthra
Chapman 2011-A1 2.5,3+d $4.00
Three Folk Songs
Cindy; He's Gone Away; Blow the Man Down
Myhre 04-F8 4 $5.00
Three Songs of Stephen Foster
Come to Where My Love; Gentle Anne;
Old Folks at Home
Warner 2010-A3 3.5{G},4 $8.00
Shepherd Boy Halsted 06-F9 4 $2.00
Scottish Folk Song Preludes (seven pieces) Barnes 93-F1 4,4.5(G) $16.00
Two Scottish Songs
The Hundred Pipers; Highland Mary
Ellis (John) 2007-A5 5(G){4} $5.00
An Italian Medley van Ulft 2012-A5 4(Bb, C#) $14.00
German Traditional: Leise Rieselt der Schnee van Ulft 2013-A5 4 $2.00
Six Australian Christmas Carols (Melodies by William C. James) Barnes 2013-C1 4.5{G}, 4 $19.00
Three Folk Dances of Nepal Newell 2013-A3 4 $12.00