Book Collections

Title or Composer Arranger
or Editor
Cat. No. Range Price
The Belmont Carillon Book, Book I
Music for 2 octave carillon Buchanan B-11 2 $15.00
The Belmont Carillon Book, Book II
Music for 2 octave carillon Buchanan B-13 2 $15.00
The Belmont Christmas Book
25 carols for 23 bells Buchanan B-14 2 $10.00
Bicentennial Carillon Book
35 arrangements by Allard, Barnes, Buchanan, De Turk, Myhre, 't Hart and others (71 pages) De Turk B-2 4 $12.00
DeGruÿtters Carillon Book
91 selected pieces retranscribed for carillon (147 pages) Gerken B-5a 3, 4{C#} $22.00
Handel, Georg Frideric (1685-1759)
Complete Clock Music, Sets I & II
Set I arranged for duet performance
& De Turk
B-7 2 $10.00
Haydn, Franz Joseph (1732-1809)
Thirty-two Pieces for Flute Clock
(manuscript, 72 pages)
Gerken B-3 3 $12.00
Here We Come A Caroling
12 Christmas carol arrangements by R.Keldermans (23 pages) Buchanan B-6 3.5 $5.00
Music for Christmas
36 arrangements by Barnes, Buchanan,
De Turk, Gerken, Rusterholz and others
(72 pages)
Buchanan B-1 3,4 $15.00
Music for Two-Octave Carillon
9 selections previously issued as singles, compiled by Beverly Buchanan (20 pages) Various B-10 2 $6.00
St. Christopher's Little Carillon Book
24 arrangements R. Keldermans B-9 2 $10.00
Telemann, George Phillip (1681-1767)
Twelve Fantasie, per il violino senza basso; arranged with added bass and harmonies (66 pages) Barnes B-8 3,4(B) $16.00