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Music for Carillon

From the beginning of the Guild, one of its important functions has been to promote good music for the carillon. In the earliest years, music was sometimes shared via hand-copied manuscripts; but soon Guild members began using early copying technologies to share their work through free distribution at Congresses. Eventually the Guild began a music publication service, which has evolved over recent decades to include the wide range of music and music-related material which can be found in these pages.

Music Catalog

The catalog lists music which has been published by the Guild and is currently available for sale. Open it from the menu at left to find information on how to read the catalog, how to order from it, and what it contains. Composers and arrangers may submit music for possible publication through the Guild via this catalog.

Other Music

A few pieces of music have been made available by the composer for free download.

There is also a list of other sources for carillon music, as well as a representative list of recordings of carillon music and their sources.


In 1982, the Guild began to commission new music for carillon.

View all commissions to date in the GCNA Music Store or click on individual pieces below.

Commissions awarded to date are as follows:

2018 "july 3, a hall of mirrors" by Jenny Olivia Johnson
2018  "Tower City" by Jessie Montgomery
2018 "Staying / Going" by Margot Murdoch
2018  "Butterfly Chaos" by Paul K. Takahashi
2016  "Fantasy on Old Hundredth and Sine Nomine" by John Gouwens
2012  "The Bell Invites Me" by Michael Torke
2007 "Music for Carillon", Op. 107, by Lowell Liebermann
2004 "Pealing Fire" by Libby Larsen - published by the composer, and available through GCNA
2003 "Bravo Bells" by Stephen Paulus - published by Paulus Publications, and available through GCNA
1997 "Winds of Autumn" by John Pozdro
1995 "Winter Song" by Roy Hamlin Johnson
1993 "Variations and Theme" by Lee Hoiby
1991 "Easter Dawning" by George Crumb (pub. C.F. Peters)
1989 "Triptych" by John Pozdro
1983 "Figments" by Gary White
1982 "Introduction and Sicilienne" by Ronald Barnes

Except as noted above, all have been published by the GCNA.

Composition Competitions

Beginning in 1987, the Guild has conducted composition competitions in alternate years.

View all prizewinners to date in the GCNA Music Store or click on individual pieces below.

Prizes awarded to date are as follows:


1st prize: "A Butterfly's Dance" by Mathieu Daniel Polak
2nd prize: "Peacemakers" by Pamela Ruiter-Feenstra
Performance Award: "Imaginary Dances" by Peter Paul Olejar
Performance Award: "as swiftly and fading as soon" by Julie Zhu 

2017 1st prize: "Pulsations" by Geert D’hollander
2nd prize: "Dandelion Field" by Mathieu Daniel Polak
Performance Award: "Grand Serenade for Carillon" by Lee Cobb
2014 No prize awarded.
2012 No prize awarded.
2010 First Prize: (not awarded)
Second Prize (tied): "Légende" by Ennis Fruhauf and "For the Planet with the Smallest Voice" by Gabriel Lubell
2008 First Prize: "Four Flourishes" by Geert D'hollander
Second Prize: (not awarded)
2006 First Prize: (not awarded)
Second Prize: "Sonata" by Lee Cobb
2004 First Prize: "Sonata" by Neil Thornock
Second Prize: "Two Poems for Children" by Geert d'Hollander
2002 First Prize: (not awarded)
Second Prize: "Motorhythmia" by Neil Thornock
2000 First Prize: (not awarded)
Second Prize: "Passacaglia Antiqua" by Geert d'Hollander
1998 First Prize: "Modal Nocturne" by Geert d'Hollander
Second Prize: "Passacaglia" by Ennis Fruhauf
1996 First Prize: (not awarded)
Second Prize (tied): "Prelude con fughetta" by Marcel Siebers and "Nocturne" by Ennis Fruhauf
1994 First Prize: (not awarded)
Second Prize: "Cortège" by Alan Ontko
1992 First Prize: (not awarded)
Second Prize: "Evocation" by John Courter
1990 No prize awarded.
1988 First Prize: "Oread Grounds" by Charles Hoag
Second Prize: "Gregorian Triptych" by John Courter

All have been published by the GCNA. Other pieces were entries at one time, and were eventually published, but are not itemized here.

Rules for the latest competition are located in the Guild section.

To contact us, send an email to info@gcna.org

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